Death Note Controversy

I’ve been meaning to read the Death Note manga series for years now. Once I saw the backlash of whitewashing revolving around the upcoming Netflix movie adaption, I knew I had to read the manga for myself so I could form my own opinions about it.

If you didn’t know, I’m half Japanese so I feel a kinship to Japanese culture. I’m also a bibliophile so the book/manga/graphic novel is (almost) always better. This poor movie has a lot working against it to begin with.

After reading the first two books, I can see how the movie could easily be adapted to a US story line. They could have done a time jump from the original series and started out with a new Death Note owner. The filmmakers could have used the lore of Light Yagami’s Kira to inspire the movie character. But that’s not the direction the they chose to go. Instead of creating an original story line with a new owner of the Death Note, they whitewashed the original character, named him Light Turner, and moved the setting from Japan to Seattle.

I’m super bummed that that they didn’t go the original route. It would have been so much less drama and so much more fun for all Death Note fans. But I’ll probably still watch it. I need to read the next 10 books before it comes out so I don’t get spoiled in case they ram the whole thing into one movie.

PS – The manga is AMAZING! I keep laughing and gasping out loud…super awkward when that happens. I’ll post a review of the full series when I’m done with it.


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